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The CyberList™ has only one goal: to help you move up the ladder appropriately towards a more mature cybersecurity state. We help bridge that knowledge gap so that you and your team can make informed decisions on how and where to focus appropriate efforts to improve your company’s level of cybersecurity. You may be surprised how little it takes to cut your vulnerability in half.   We do this by managing a process that involves assessing, educating and procuring the appropriate third-party resources. Sign up to receive our FREE checklist to uncover your cybersecurity needs.

Get Scored

Get Scored


Using proprietary tools to scour the web, TCL finds exposures and information about your company already known online.  Curious if assets like your usernames and passwords are for sale on the dark web? TCL provides a cybersecurity scorecard; a report on key aspects of your security profile.

Get Phished
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Get Phished



TCL safely phishes your employees’ emails to gauge how many are likely to get caught in scams which often lead to wire transfer fraud, compromised accounts, and serious financial and asset loss. Phishing is the top way ransomware spreads, and 90% of incidences and breaches involve this attack. TCL provides a detailed report of your team’s responses. Currently, 40-60% of all companies we test fall prey to our simple initial phishing test.

Get Educated

Get Trained


Cybersecurity Training for Everyone

Changing the behaviors of your people is the key to improving cybersecurity. Our approach doesn’t stop at raising employee security awareness like other companies. We draw on your Scoring and Phishing results to deliver a bespoke training program focusing on actionable items and immediately impacting your risk exposures.

Ready to take the next step towards security maturity? 

We are ready to assist. Contact us by email, contact form or our social channels below.

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