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Dynamic Pitch Deck

The Dynamic Pitch Deck is a microsite dedicated to supporting customized due diligence through self-paced review of slides and related supporting content.  The shortest path for review is the first landing page which will share all the slides in a deck in one view and a short audio file introduction to each slide.   A Deep Dive is available on each slide should you like to pursue more information about any individual topic.  Some slides even feature a Deeper Dive when there are multiple pages of supplemental content available. These slides will be updated on a continual basis as we gain more knowledge, add team members, or update assumptions.

Security Request: As investors we all seldom sign NDA’s and this notice is not an NDA, it is just a simple request from the owners of any pitch deck.  We ask you not share your login with others. Slides often do contain information that would damaging to a presenter were it to fall into the hands of some companies in respective markets. If you have someone you need to review for you or who you think would like to review a deck, please let us know and we can send them an invitation.

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The Cyber List LLC
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Investment consideration in The Cyber List, LLC is only available to Accredited Investors

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