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The nature and frequency of cybersecurity threats have grown and continue to evolve at increasing rates, and every single organization of any type needs cybersecurity education. In fact, if anything studies of cybersecurity incidents prove that unwitting insiders have often played a part in ushering in the adversary. We simply must raise the bar on our cyber hygiene. The first way to do that is education for all levels of the company; from the CEO to interns.

When requested, TCL Advocates develop and deliver a custom security awareness education program. Research has shown security awareness efforts consistently produce high returns in increasing an organization’s resilience to cyberattacks and decreasing expensive internal security errors.

Even while taking initial steps toward cybersecurity maturity, you often face the challenge of deciding ongoing prioritization or having a qualified follow-through process. For companies without cybersecurity teams in house, there is significant vulnerability in knowing what actions need to be taken, by whom and when. TCL Advocates use our Cybersecurity Process Management SystemTM to track the documentation, tasks, and progress of your security journey. Over time, a TCL Advocate can continue to provide ongoing support as needed to ensure all third parties deliver what you actually need and an appropriate process stays on track.




By utilizing our network of vetted providers and product companies, we can help pair you up with the vendor that meets the unique needs of your organization and know that they will provide the level of expertise and customer care that you expect. 


While we leave the legal language to the professionals, a TCL Advocate can help make sure that your agreements cover the services and products that you need based on the completion of your Express Cybersecurity Assessment. 

Assessments are the foundational element required to ascertain your current cybersecurity position and help construct a strategy that matches your unique needs. TCL Advocates also use results from cybersecurity assessment services to match you and accelerate engagements with the most appropriate third party providers in The CyberList™.




The ECA uses the TCL guided self-assessment tool to gain a very solid first impression of your company’s current cybersecurity maturity. It typically identifies some immediately actionable items and serves as the foundation for all further recommendations by a TCL Advocate. The results of an ECA can then be augmented by additional assessment services to develop a more complete and detailed evaluation of your vulnerabilities and exposures.


Over 95% of the internet is not indexed by public search engines, and some of it is specifically hidden through a variety of obfuscation methods. TCL searches through this “Deep Web” for any information your company would consider sensitive or valuable, including account credentials, discussions of targeting you in hacker forums, financial data, etc.


TCL Advocates search data on past breaches to find exposures your email addresses. If we find that addresses and accompanying data (e.g. names, physical addresses, dates of birth, financial information, etc.) have been exposed, we notify you immediately so that action can be taken to prevent any malicious activity.

Do you want to train your people or do you want to change your people?



Cybersecurity for Business Leaders

This training is ideal for non-technical business leaders who need to look at the entire organization and see where there are both cybersecurity threats as well as opportunities to improve their security position. This involves company communication standards, technological tools, best practices for your networks, and much more.

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Employees

Not everyone needs to look at the practices of the entire company, but everyone has a role to play in creating and maintaining a secure organization. This training helps empower employees to spot questionable communications and techniques often used by those intending to access company email and other sensitive information. It also covers best practices when away from the office such as at home, business trips and even international travel. 

Most business owners know they are vulnerable to a potential modern-day cyber attack. Due to competing draws for their time, energy and finances, they put off protecting their businesses because addressing cyber security feels overwhelming and distant. The news focuses on large company breaches vs the millions that are being extracted $10,000 - $20,000 at a time from small to medium size businesses. The CyberList™ makes protecting your company easy, affordable and understandable for everyone.


Most companies could benefit from a knowledgeable yet cost effective addition to their management team. This is where The CyberList™ comes into play. We don't look at cyber security solely from a technology perspective; we look at it more like a ladder of protection. The bottom step is simply learned behavior. As consumers and business owners, we have established behavioral patters that we believe will add to our bottom line. Unfortunately, those established patterns are resulting in an unprecedented number companies spending thousands they can't afford to lose. Last year alone, criminals using cryptoransomware collected over $315,000,000 dollars and the projection is they will reach Billions this year. Currently, small to medium size businesses are being targeted to pay between $10,000 - $50,000 per business. Don't let your business fall prey. Taking that first step up the security ladder could be the one act you take that keeps your business on an upward trajectory.

Ready to take the next step towards security maturity? 

We are ready to assist. Contact us by email, contact form or our social channels below.

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